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The MR1 is machined for enhanced accuracy and the tightest tolerances. Our action is 47% lighter than other steel actions. It allows for faster follow up shots, faster bolt cycle and less shooter position disruption.

The Modern Weapons MR1 weapon system is designed around lightweight accuracy.  Constructed from titanium, the action-body weighs only 8 ounces.  The MR1 action was designed and created by Modern Outfitters.  Featuring a 3-lug design, the steel bolt has a 60-degree lift as opposed to the 90-degree of a standard 2-lug action. Bayonet-style fire controls make for easy maintenance and the mini-M16 style extractor is easily serviced in the field.

Each MR1 is hand built by a single gunsmith and Cerakoted to the design or pattern of choice.  Jewel triggers come standard in the MR1 and can be adjusted from 2-4 pounds.  We use only the finest barrels from Bartlein and Proof Research.  We “HEX-Flute” barrels to match the action only on the M24 and Suppressed Hunter profile barrels.  Most barrels come threaded 5/8x24 with matching thread protector.  Several stock/chassis options are available including our most popular ones being the Magpul Hunter, MPA competition and MPA Lightweight.  These rifles are completely custom and in limited production.  Please contact our Custom Shop for availability and lead times.

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