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Blizzard, Always Able to Be Trusted and Qualified 5 years ago announced the design of a persistent world based on Warcraft's famous fantasy saga, Azeroth's world is being re-launched four years after the end of the Frozen Throne campaigns (the expansion of Wacraft III).

The world, in part devastated by the plague, saw the rise of deadly civilisation on the ruins of the city of Loarderon, the re-emergence of ancient grudges between humans and orcs and the birth of numerous cities in the south of the Eastern continent.

As soon as we enter, we will be placed in front of a very simple choice, which faction interpret, race and class. Inside the game there are 8 races, 4 by faction including all those who did appear in World Of Warcraft III (now W3) so human, dead, orcs and elves of the night with the addition of the races of Support such as gnomes, dwarfs, trolls and tauren.