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Will the real me please stand up - Will the Real Me Please Stand Up | Psychology Today

I relaxed into the oversize plush leather chair that adorned the hotel lobby and breathed a sigh. It had been a long week and I was exhausted after leading my team through a conference in Phoenix, AZ. My phone buzzed with notification that I had a new facebook message - this one from my public facing Facebook profile.

I ran for Congress in 2010 . During the election, my staff created a public Facebook page for my candidacy that I later inherited and now run. I continue to use it to support my non-profit, No One Left Behind , among other things.

As I read the message I sighed, "No...not again..." It was from a very angry man in West Virginia. He claimed that I had been secretly engaged in an online affair with his wife and that he would no longer stand for my contacting her or my repeated attempts to get her to send me money. He was threatening legal action and a solid ass kicking if I didn't immediately comply.