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74-407 revenue act of 1935 (classic reprint) - 74-407 Revenue Act of 1935 (Classic Reprint): Unknown.

Before 1935, old age insurance laws existed on the books only in several states. In reality, however, those laws provided hardly any support for the elderly. The virtual absence of a system that would provide financial support for the elderly forced men and women to either work until they died or rely on families and charities. The same was largely true for other vulnerable populations that today may rely on some state support, including the disabled, single mothers, and the unemployed.

As a result of WPA, 650,000 miles of highways and roads, 125,000 public buildings (hospitals, schools, etc.), bridges, reservoirs, irrigation systems, parks, and playgrounds were built. Prominent projects included the Lincoln Tunnel, the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, LaGuardia Airport, the Overseas Highway, and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge.

Also under WPA, a number of additional programs offered opportunities targeted at specific populations. The National Youth Administration focused on providing education and work for Americans between the ages of 16 and 25. Its Texas director, Lyndon B. Johnson, later used NYA as a model for some of his Great Society programs in the 1960s. The Federal Project Number One created jobs for writers, musicians, artists, and theater personnel. Under the Federal Writer’s Project, writers cataloged archives, documented folklore, and collected what today would be labeled as oral histories.