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A-force presents (collections) (6 book series) - A-Force Presents Vol. 1 by Nathan Edmondson

Marvel announces A-Force Presents featuring Marvel’s Mightiest Heroines March 20, 2015 by Gary Collinson Leave a Comment

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroines are exploding onto the scene this September with the launch of a new bi-monthly collection entitled A-Force Presents , with each volume collecting six issues of Marvel’s critically-acclaimed female-led titles.

“In a world where virtually everyone has heard of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and The Avengers, Marvel’s female Super Heroes have stepped into the spotlight, spurred on by a rapidly growing base of Marvel fans who just happen to be women,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “Titles like Ms. Marvel , Captain Marvel , Spider-Gwen , Thor , Silk and the recently announced A-Force each offer a distinct and compelling reflection of what we call ‘the world outside your window.’ A-Force Presents collects all of these critically-acclaimed entry points into the Marvel Universe and proves, once and for all, just how powerful the women of Marvel truly can be.”