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Crossed +100 volume 1 - Crossed +100 Volume 1: Alan Moore, Gabriel Andrade.

Alan Moore needs no introduction to regular readers of Grovel . Although his comics output isn’t what it was in terms of volume, his influence on the medium remains as strong as ever. So it’s with equal amounts of trepidation and reverence that I embark on a brand new collected volume of ongoing comics. After all, while Moore has written some masterpieces, he’s also delivered a few disappointments.

Crossed is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virulent, hideous disease has turned the vast majority of humanity into depraved, feral beasts, who have nothing on their minds but rape and murder. Originally created by Garth Ennis and later continued by other writers, it’s a harsh and unforgiving world for the few survivors, where a fate far worse than death waits around every corner. I reviewed the first collected volume of Ennis’s original series when it came out in 2012 but wasn’t particularly inspired to revisit it. Until now.

In this book, Moore travels 100 years into the future and you don’t need to have read any previous books before picking it up, though it would give you an idea of what to expect. In Moore’s future, pockets of survivors have managed to maintain their grip on humanity, partly through their own resourcefulness, partly through the self-destructive nature of the infected, who are as prone to raping and murdering their own kind as they are the survivors. As a result, things are looking brighter: humanity has regrouped, kitted itself out with decent weapons and bred a generation of children who have never even seen their enemy.