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Eat artists of the western world ii, volume 6: fantasy and surrealism: henri rousseau /paul klee /mar - Eat 3D | Feed Your Brain!

"Where to eat?" the never-ending dilemma. Luckily, a walk through the Gaffer District will present you with more than 45 dining options that will satisfy even the most dedicated foodie. Our restaurants boast tapas, fresh salads and sandwiches, sushi, homemade pasta, cupcakes and cookies, and peach pie. Bon Appetit has recognized Corning, NY as a notable destination for food along the Appalachin Trail. Dine at one of our delectable establishments before you venture out amongst all our local attractions . What will you try first?

Our historic downtown is known for its exceptional shopping, dining, arts and beautifully restored buildings, just steps away from the world famous Corning Museum of Glass. A year-long calendar of festivals and events celebrates decades of tradition, including the nationally-recognized Wineglass Marathon, the family favorite holiday event, Sparkle and GlassFest — a four-day celebration of glass and the fire arts in America's Crystal City.