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2018 boo wall calendar day dream - 2018 Boo Wall Calendar (Mead) Calendar - amazon.com

If you’re committed to make 2018 exceptional, time is your most valuable resource. Don’t squander a day. Instead, take control with this premium productivity tool. Use it to create your strategic overview and capture your deadlines, projects, and priorities at a glance. It could help you smash your goals and make 2018 the best yet.

With focus, dedication, and smart working, you can make enormous strides over
the next 365 days. So capitalize on your optimism for 2018. Protect your time.
Plan and prioritize. Use your wall calendar to leave nothing to chance.

The design of the 2018 calendar has some layout differences from the 2017 version. The calendar breaks out the weeks in four columns making it easy to read and quickly find the day of the month I am in. Overall, it is well designed and great to look at the year in one glance.