We finde book :

Kevlar node - Kevlar Node: Eddie Edwards: 9781625266361: Amazon.com: Books

Look & feel like normal jeans, but are high quality heavy duty stitched denim is weight stretched for extra durability Kevlar is a soft non-abrasive material designed to dissipate heat, its cut resistant yet it allows the air to flow freely through the fibers Heavy duty double stitching in the inner seam of the jeans to ensure the Kevlar lining will not move out of position.

would not touch these because:
1. Do not specify actual GSM of kevlar (just says 'high' which is open to interpretation)
2. kevlar coverage is poor. Jeans can move over your body so it's possible that the kevlar wont be in the right place at the right time if you're sliding

Recommend you look at other brands such as Rhok instead. Sure they cost a little more, but has better coverage and specifies actual kevlar GSM