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Exiles vol. 9: bump in the night (x-men) - Amazon.com: Exiles Vol. 9: Bump in the Night (X-Men.

Horn: 'We will put our exile from Edoras to good use, <name> , if we strive to improve the lot of the needful folk on this side of the Entwash. Then, at least, some good will come from Théoden King’s command that we not return to the Golden Hall.'

Horn sighs heavily. 'I confess I cannot find a positive light in which to cast Éomer’s imprisonment by his uncle, or the sending-away of my mentor Gléowine. We must find hope where we may, I suppose.

'We should ride against the mounted minions of Saruman in the Sutcrofts. Let us bring peace to the people of East Rohan, for that be where the King commands us to stay!'