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Horne's pennsylvania german manual, vol. 4: how pennsylvania german is spoken and written for pronoun - Joseph Horne Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Left behind in the Internet era is a rich store of material in print which has limited cultural presence because it has limited digital presence. Here we present the latest installment of the series Future Archive , consisting of the online republication of significant 20th-century writings on design, with each text selected and introduced by a prominent scholar.

Boyd was that rarest of creatures: a talented and innovative architect practitioner, who was also wonderfully expressive in drawings, and who wrote beautifully, with a distinctive voice, a masterful control of tone and style, both wit and humour, acuity and lyricism, liveliness and precision, didacticism and gratification. Which is to say he could speak to a broad range of audiences. This can be taken quite literally; he was a household name in his home country partly because of his writing in books and newspapers and also because of his extensive radio and television work, all devoted to educating a general public about architecture. 2