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Vampire breath (chinese edition) - The Chiang-Shih - Vampire Mythology from China

Ming Xiao, a Kuei-jin of Chinese background, was the High Priestess of Chinatown, who operated from the Golden Temple , which was described by Gary Golden as a "cheap replica of Asian architecture better off in a theme park." Ming Xiao's appearance in Los Angeles is fairly recent, but she has informed herself rather well on Kindred lore. She was well acquainted with Chinatown's prominent people such as Wong Ho , a respected businessman.

Ming Xiao is highly diplomatic and cordial to those who show respect to Kuei-jin traditions, such as Zygaena , a hengeyƍkai , whom she allowed to operate his illegal business.

Upon gaining access to Chinatown, the fledgling makes their way to Chinatown to announce their presence in the Kuei-jin domain. Ming Xiao will send the fledgling to Wong Ho to help with the other main quests. Ming will also act as an information giver for other Chinatown side quests .