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Killing for culture: death film from mondo to snuff (creation cinema collection) by david kerekes (19 - Killing for Culture: Death Film from Mondo to Snuff by.

She cannot say her name. The South Sudanese girl was shot in jaw with an AK-47. But the reason she cannot communicate her identity isn’t because of the bullet wound. It’s because she has yet to learn how to speak. Only four months old, the little girl is a victim of a new wave of violence in South Sudan, which experts have described as genocidal. While inter tribal conflicts are not uncommon, a worrying trend of this fighting is the somewhat deliberate attacks on women and children.

The United Nations says the death toll from an attack by Murle people on the rival Lua Nuer tribe in Jonglei State is more than 600.  It is estimated that an additional 850 were wounded and 26,000 displaced. What’s more, 200 children were kidnapped and nearly 8 000 houses torched to the ground.

“It is the first large-scale attack since South Sudan’s independence that goes well beyond cattle raiding” said UN Peacekeeping mission head, Hilde Johnson.