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La musique (classic reprint) (french edition) - Top 40 Musique Classique - YouTube

DO YOU KNOW JOHNNY HALLYDAY ? Very few Americans do and all of those who know him mock him and look at him with scorn. Why? The 74-year old rock singer is among the most popular French singers but it is understandable that for most Americans, the words a "French rock singer" may sound as unexpected as "an English chef". However, Johnny is clearly a national monument.

French music is alive and well ! Young groups and French singers keep the tradition of French songs (the importance of lyrics) associated with a new form of music (integrating an African or Arab sound). Among them :

The " new France " resulting from immigration is not only represented by suburban riots. Thanks to ethnic diversity, there is an incredibly rich new generation of young singers, movie-makers and writers . Rap star MC Solaar   ( credit ) French music and the " exception culturelle francaise " France is the only country in Europe where national music is predominant (2/3 of the number of records sold). Why ?