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Worldwide erp 2008 vendor analysis top 10 vendors by customer size and market share - Top 10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Vendors

When function-rich, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software burst onto the information technology scene over a decade ago, it brought with it a debate within companies, implementation consultants, and ERP vendors. Should a company pursue a single integrated ERP solution or implement and interface multiple best-of-breed packages?

The advent of cloud-computing technology has given rise to a completely new computing platform, new hosting configuration options, as well as a new generation of ERP vendors. The debate hasn’t changed, though. The debate begins with the premise that no ERP product will satisfy 100 percent of an organization’s business process needs.

A single ERP solution ensures that business processes are tightly integrated and that data exists in only one place to be used for transaction execution and information analysis. Best-of-breed solutions may split processes between software modules, requiring duplicate transaction entry and the development of interfaces to keep multiple databases in sync.