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Amazon tap: the complete user guide and manual to learn the amazon tap fast - Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Amazon Tap: The Complete.

What is the Amazon Tap device? Why should you consider purchasing one? What makes the Amazon Tap different from other Amazon Alexa-enable products?

If you have read the other manuals written on this subject, you know that the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot are both devices that stay in one place while you are using them. You can take them to a new place and use them there; however, they need to be connected to Wi-fi in order to access Alexa and other features. You will need to find a nearby plug; the Echo and Echo Dot are not devices that can be used on-the-go.

If you specifically want to have Alexa in your devices, but you also want to have a great speaker, then you are left with the Amazon Echo and the Tap. The Tap is the cheaper of those options, giving you both a great speaker and the Alexa feature. The Echo Dot gives you the Alexa feature, but it does not have a music built for streaming music.