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The 19th century holiness movement: volume 4 (great holiness classics) - Holiness movement | American history | Britannica.com

The church flourished in the early half of the century (below, a picture of the church in its heyday), but by the mid-90s, it was abandoned and in a state of decay (special thanks to reader Matthew for locating a picture !).

It’s interesting to search for the remnants of the former church. Clearly, the altar would have been located behind this mural (would love to know if it’s still hidden back there!).

John’s on 44th is a stunning facility – it’s nice to finally learn a little more!
Been there so many times – though I prefer the downtown location on Bleecker (imo the 44th street John’s undercooks and under-spices the pizzas for tourists!), the uptown spot is the most beautiful spot to bring out of town friends for a few pies.