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Recollections of a detective police-officer - Recollections of a River | Picture Stockton Archive

The first thing I find to say about this book is my incomprehension as to why Howard Marks is credited with co-authorship. It appears to be Patrick Lane’s work. Of course I am aware, and it is clear from Mr. Lane’s book, he and Marks were not only partners-in-crime but also brothers-in-law.

A cynic may observe that Marks’ name may help sell more copies of Lane’s book. Indeed, it may have been a decision taken by the publisher, Thistle Publishing, to add Mr. Marks as a co-author for commercial reasons as this appears to be almost the same book originally published in 2009. However, I will do my best to dilute my cynicism in the following review.

One overwhelming takeaway I have from the book is an almost love/hate relationship between these two men. Indeed, the new epilogue is added by Lane for this newly released edition and is mainly a tribute of a kind to the now deceased and self-styled “Mr. Nice” aka Howard Marks. But I do detect the subtle sideswipes at his erstwhile partner.