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Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso ( Italian pronunciation:  [kriˈstiːna triˈvultsjo di beldʒoˈjoːzo] ; 28 June 1808, Lombardy , Italy – 5 July 1871, near Milan ) was an Italian noblewoman who played a prominent part in Italy's struggle for independence . She is also notable as a writer and journalist. [1]

Cristina Trivulzio was the daughter of Girolamo Trivulzio and the Vittoria dei Marchesi Gherardini (member of the Gherardini family ). Her father died soon after her birth and her mother remarried to Alessandro Visconti d' Aragona; she had a stepbrother and three stepsisters through this second marriage. By her own account "I was as a child melancholy, serious, introverted, quiet, so shy that I often happen to burst into tears in the living room of my mother because I realized that I was being looked at or that they wanted me to talk." [2]

She married at 16, at the Church of St. Fedele in Milan on 24 September 1824. She was considered the richest heiress in Italy, with a dowry of 400,000 francs. Her libertine husband, Prince Emilio Barbiano di Belgiojoso, caused a separation soon after. They did not divorce and remained on cordial terms throughout their lives.