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What’s your plan for getting through widowhood?  Your spouse’s death affected almost every aspect of your life and let’s face it, “everything” is a lot of change to handle by yourself! The people around you don’t know what you need. They think you should be “over it” already. “What’s it been? A year? Two? Why can’t you just get over it?” Sound familiar? It stinks when your friends and family don’t understand you. I’m a widow, too, and I get how hard it is. To get through my own recovery, I built a system, and this system has now helped hundreds of women rebuild their lives.

You’re ready to do this but recovering from their death is hard stuff! That’s why the Widows’ Recovery System takes one thing at a time with gentle support and an effective system that helps you rebuild your life, one day at a time. It gives you ongoing personal support, practical ideas and exercises, and information that is proven to help widows recover from death.

You’ll receive one-on-one support by phone and email with a fellow widow and certified grief professional. You’ll receive online audio courses every other week and use your recovery workbook’s activities to rethink your life and move forward.

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