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The Paladins are an order of warriors who serve as the pilots of Voltron . The lions choose their pilots, seeking warriors that embody their spirit. In ages past, the Paladins were of other alien races, like Alteans  and Galras , who lived in the Castle of Lions . Ten thousand years after King Alfor hid the lions on planets all across the universe, the lions chose new Paladins: five humans from planet Earth .

The motif of the five Paladins is that they embody the five classical elements: water (ice), earth, fire, air, and plant life or "forest." Each has a specific trait that the lion looks for in a pilot.

The Paladins are equipped with high tech armor that responds to thoughts like an extension of their wearer's body. They allow the Paladins instant access to their Bayards , has a built-in oxygen mask that can be activated mentally, a jet pack, and gauntlet-mounted energy shields. It is heavily protected against radiation, temperature extremes, and impact forces, as well as the degradation of bodily functions due to extensive time in zero gravity environments. This is likely by simulating gravity to a degree within the armor.