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Job practice manual for modern masonry: brick, block, stone - On the Job Training Best Practices. - Workforce Board

This Best Practices Manual is the product of Hammer & Hand’s ongoing work to document and internally codify our standard operating procedures for construction practice. It has evolved into a guidebook of field-tested construction details, many shaped by Hammer & Hand’s experience in high performance passive building. We expect the information contained herein to grow, deepen, and evolve as it is informed by experience in the field and collaboration with the many professionals with whom we are honored to work.

The first edition of the manual focused on ensuring proper moisture management in buildings, with particular emphasis on our fluid-applied flashing approach to window and door installation, our preferred method for constructing ventilated rain screens, our approaches to new basement construction and basement retrofits, as well as other details. This edition includes those details, some of which have been refined, and adds sections about walls and roof assemblies, detailing key strategies for controlling heat, air, and moisture.

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