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A food hall of epic proportions is in the works at the San Francisco International Airport. It will be led by a trio of women: Pim Techamuanvivit of Kin Khao, Gabriela Cámara of Cala and Elisabeth Prueitt, who runs the growing Tartine empire with husband Chad Robertson.

If all goes according to plan, the project, called Manufactory Food Hall, will open in mid-2018 and span more than 3,200 square feet near boarding area A in the International Terminal. It will have three restaurants, according to the parties involved, with grab-and-go options, a full-service bar and a retail component.

For Techamuanvivit, the project was a chance to work with people she’s known for years. It’s also somewhat of an experiment, a chance to test how Kin Khao’s Thai food can be repackaged into something fast-casual.