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El sabor de la vieja cuba: mas de 150 recetas de autenticos y deliciosos platillos tradicionales (spa - el hombrecito del campanario | Mas allá de la ficción.

Last week the Fundación Sabores Dominicanos hosted its third Foro Gastronómico, titled,  “Emprende e Innova “ . The forum hosted APEGA Sociedad Peruana de Gastronomia, along  with local and international experts to discuss the culinary innovation in the country. I am honored to say I was among those experts, participating via video to share the talk titled “ Importancia de la cultura alimentaria y políticas públicas relacionadas con la alimentación en la diáspora ” [The importance of food culture and public policy in the diaspora].

Dominicans were certainly not alone in this feeling. Puerto Ricans and Cubans also disliked most of the restaurants serving their heritage cuisine, with a few exceptions.  

Seeking to keep the cuisine as a recreation of home-made dishes also prevents it from being elevated beyond inexpensive establishments, under the low status label of “ethnic food” (see more on this here ). My culinary adventures (also known as “participant observation”) in many restaurants in Dominican Republic reveal the possibilities of this cuisine. Take, for example: